60 Years of Debt Recovery

May 31, 2010 Posted Under: Uncategorized

Vanguard is celebrating over 60 years of debt recovery. With age, comes

Just about every angle and idea has been tried in the collection industry.

Vanguard has perfected it!

Our tried and true approach of negotiation and mediation results in a
positive rapport between agency and debtor. This approach equals cash in
your pocket!

Does this mean we are soft on debtors? On the contrary!

When honey doesn’t work, vinegar does! We report to both Equifax and
TransUnion, and with years of legal experience in Small Claims and Court of
Queens Bench, we will get your money back, “one way or the other”!

Need more reasons to trust Vanguard?

Many agencies charge a membership fee – we do not!

Many agencies charge an account placement fee – we do not!

Many agencies charge an account closure fee – we do not!

Many agencies lock you into a long term contract – we do not!

This means you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Whether you are located locally or internationally, you are a large
multi-national corporation, the neighborhood corner store, or an individual
trying to recover a loan, Vanguard will leave no stone unturned to reach a
satisfactory conclusion for you.

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