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Our Mission


At Vanguard Collection Agencies Ltd. We are devoted to providing the best service possible to our clients. Our company’s primary mission is to limit your losses to non-paying debtors; to seek out new debt and to claim money that rightfully belongs to our clients. We at Vanguard strive for personal service, and making sure our clients leave happy. If our clients are happy, we’ve all made money. It is our vision to optimize returns, face the daily challenges that we enjoy so, and increase our clients returns through our efforts.

We retain a staff of professional collectors with the knowledge and experience to service any industry. Our staff are divided into a series of departments in order to provide our clients with efficient service. As each department performs a very specific function, with trained professionals to service you. Vanguard continually seeks out innovative ways to provide quality services for our customers, helping to make their jobs as easy as possible. Our services are flexible, and we will go the extra mile in customizing our services to meet and exceed client needs. There is nothing that will speak more strongly for a company than the good word of it’s customers.

Vanguard Collection Agencies proudly serve some of the largest retail and financial institutions in Canada. With offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver and over 3700 associate offices located in 55 countries, we are able to handle your accounts anywhere in the world.

Customer Service

At Vanguard exceptional customer service is one of the cornerstones of our company. The staff at Vanguard takes pride in providing the utmost in quality customer service, and believe strongly that our organization’s success is directly related to the satisfaction of the customers it serves. In the recovery business, it is common from time-to-time to experience problems or disputes where the collection of accounts is concerned. Vanguard staff will take the extra time needed to address problem accounts, and help clarify and resolve these situations. Vanguard is a family owned and operated business where personal service is first and foremost.

How can your company cut the cost of collections while increasing the amount recovered?

We at Vanguard Collection Agency are devoted to the prompt and professional recovery of past due accounts, charge-offs, and bad cheques.

Vanguard Collection Agencies is a firm that prides itself on its persistence and effectiveness–we are not just a letter service, and we are not pushing maximum density in the amount of accounts we work. We have built our infrastructure with the technological and personnel capacity for exponential growth while maintaining a high standard of personal account service. Our beginnings were humble, but we have built our company into a thriving, successful entity that is a force to be reckoned with. We were able to accomplish this by acquiring clients and ensuring their happiness with our efforts for them. Naturally, our interests lie in the advancement of our organization. The way this is done is that we provide our clients with top quality service and with the return that they expect and deserve. Everything we do is predicated on making our clients money, so if we cannot do that, there is no reason for our existence. Believe us when we say that this is terrific motivation. For your convenience accounts can be placed via email, fax, mail, and our website, or one of our reps will be glad to meet with you.

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