Collection Agreement

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Our Collection Agreement is a contract between yourself and Vanguard.

Please contact our office ahead of time for quote on commission’s.

For your convenience, we have included this Online Placement Information form. Our commission rates for new accounts are on average 20-35%. However, that is dependant upon both the volume and the dollar value of the accounts. Please fill out the form below. Once we receive your information, we will contact you with the best possible rate.

NOTE: All re-assigned accounts are a flat 50%.


  • Read Carefully if you have any questions call us
  • Sign and date the agreement
  • Fax, mail or e-mail it back to our agency for processing

IMPORTANT NOTE: The statute of limitations in Alberta is now 2 years. You have TWO YEARS in which to begin litigation on bad debts.

We have provided our collection agreement for you to download. Please select which office you will be dealing with below and download the specific agreement for that office. Once you have downloaded it please print off the form, fill out the information required on the form and then fax it in to the appropriate office. The fax number for the office will be at the top of the agreement.

Click on a link below to start downloading the collection agreement:

*PLEASE NOTE: Vanguard Collection Agencies Ltd reports to the credit bureaus only. Should a dispute arise it is the debtors responsibility to dispute the file to the Credit Bureau’s directly.

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