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Many times a debtor flatly refuses to pay the client or the Collection Agency. When this happens, our litigation staff review the account to determine if legal action is warranted.

After determining which actions are to be taken, we will contact you with our recommendations. At this time we can advise you as to the best routes to take, be it Small Claims or Court of Queen’s Bench actions, and the costs you may be expected to incur.

With solid banking, place of employment or asset information, our success rate on recoveries is very high.

All small claims actions ( up to $50,000.00) are handled in house. Queens bench suits are referred to our solicitors for further action.

While we consider litigation to be a very valuable tool, we also see it as a last resort, and will pursue all other alternative avenues in collection of a debt before taking this action. Vanguard supervisors review all accounts to determine whether litigation is warranted before seeking suit authorization from the client. We only pursue litigation if it is the client’s preference that litigation of an account should take place.

An account becomes a candidate for litigation if the following criteria are met:

  • All avenues for a voluntary settlement have been pursued with no positive result.
  • The account has a large enough balance, and the debtor is shown to have adequate assets to make the suit cost effective.
  • There is proper documentation to substantiate or validate the complaint.
  • The account is under the Two Year guide line for collections in Alberta.

Key Benefits

  • Obtaining Judgements
  • Garnishee’s
  • Bailiff Services
  • Writ of Enforcements
  • Commissioner Of Oaths
  • Any other legal service required


We offer a variety of legal services throughout Alberta, and provinces throughout Canada.

Capability 1

Small Claims Court up to $50,000.00 in Alberta.

Capability 2

Court Of Queens Bench over $50,000.00.

Capability 3

We have affiliates throughout Canada for legal action elsewhere.

If you feel you require legal services, call one of our offices and someone there will be happy to assist you in making the right decision, for your needs.

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