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Our core area of expertise is in focusing on the needs and objectives of our clients to improve their cash flow by applying our experienced collection services to the recovery of their debt and accounts receivable. They are valuable assets and need to be worked for your benefit. They linger on your books -sometimes month after month – as due and outstanding.

Debt that would positively impact your cash flow, reduce your aging debtor balances, and generate an improved outlook for you. Whether you’re located locally, or Internationally there is a way to ease your cash flow problems, and from a cost standpoint, you pay only if there is a collection made.

Vanguard is very flexible in the services, letters, and reports it can provide for your company. We realize that different situations have different needs, and that any one service may not fulfill all your requirements. Only by remaining flexible and customizing certain areas of our service have we been able to fully satisfy the needs of our many clients we represent. If requested Vanguard can provide a clear, concise report that will be delivered to you in a timely manner. Vanguard also provides a gross remittance or net remittance format. Also, as a service oriented agency Vanguard will, where possible, tailor these reports to meet your needs. All monthly reports are configured after the first of each month, and mailed to our clients on the twentieth of each month to ensure all payments have cleared.

We offer both Business and Personal collection services.


  • NSF Cheques
  • Medical
  • Daycare’s
  • Landlord
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Insurance

What We Offer:

  • No Collection NO Fee
  • Personal Client Service
  • NO Sign Up Fees
  • Local, National, International
  • Credit Reporting (Equifax and TransUnion)
  • Attorney Forwarding
  • Professional Skip tracing
  • Great Service, Competitive Rates
  • Legal Services
  • Judgement Enforcement
  • Licensed And Bonded

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